The Hexacopter MkI was my first attempt at building any kind of flying machine.

Based on the multiwii platform I sourced the parts mainly from ebay or the various boxes of crap around my house.

The MKI came to a somewhat spectacular end on its maiden flight where I banked a little to hard and collided with a tree.


The Hexacopter MKII was a rebuild of the MKI after the crash attempting to reduce the vibration which seemed to be causing the flight instability.

Due to the effort I put into the MKI once the MKII was flight worthy I was too scared of breaking it to take it out for a big flight. In the end, the small test flights I did made me realise that while the scrap/cheap copter was a sound idea, as a beginner pilot I needed something more stable and so I moved to a smaller and more expensive to build Quadcopter.