Rank Insignia

So there doesn’t seem to be any actual lore behind the various insignia in the game, rather they just use what looks good (or more cynically; pick a random one per NPC) so following suit, I just picked one that I liked.

SWTOR imperial agent insignia

After taking a lot of screenshots and working out what the scale should be, making the rank insignia what actually harder than I thought it would be. I got some 3mm thick aluminium sheet and cut it to the size I decided, and cut up some 3mm acrylic sheet in red and blue to make the coloured squares. I have to make a jig for my jigsaw as a poor mans band saw to get the acrylic bit as square as I could.

I first tried super-glue to stick the squares to the aluminium, but as they are transparent, the super-glue always seemed to leave air bubbles and weird marks under the squares no matter how careful I was.

In the end I settled on sticking them down with 1mm VHB double sided tape which is a sort of clear double sided sticky gel. This wasn’t perfect as you can see from the photos, but it was good enough.

swtor imperial agent insignia boxed

I made a lattice of scraps of 3mm acrylic to act as spacers and to keep everything square. Again, it wasn’t perfect but it was close enough.

I super-glued a couple of magnets to the back and use them paired with another set behind the uniform to hold the insignia in place.

As you can see from the photo, I used a left over project box and PCB to make a travel case to prevent the insignia getting scratched in transit.

The lapel badges are small stainless steel wall tiles that I unstuck from their tile backing and affixed more magnets to with super-glue. These magnets match up with more inside the collar of the tunic.