SWTOR Cosplay : Flashy Blaster

This journey started when a colleague, who knew about my CD-33s SWTOR inspired Blaster Rifle, asked me for advice printing a 3d model of another SWTOR weapon. I once again got a minor obsession with building this gun.

Looking at the existing models available, while they were fairly true to the in-game weapon, I wanted to produce my own version.

As with my previous design, I used Fusion 360 to create the gun with a mix of 3d printed, CNC and hand made parts.

Based around an aluminium tube, the 3d printed parts interlock together and are held to the tube with hidden screws. The trigger and greeblies are CNCed aluminium screwed or glued in place.

The grips are made from walnut; CNCed then hand finished. I researched what actual wooden gun grips would be finished with, and found “Tru-Oil” which is an authentic finish used on gun stocks (and guitars).

There is a little space inside for electronics, and the trigger works and incorporates a micro-switch, but for now I’m fine with it just being a display model.

If you know the Flashy gun from the game, it may look a bit odd to you.

I’ve modified the design a little. I knew early on I wanted it to be a bit more “curvy” and I wanted to avoid CNCing the aluminium tube so the “cutaway” above the trigger had to go. I didn’t like the original colours so decided to change the scheme to one I liked more.

As it turned out, I later found concept art for the blaster by Ryan Denning with a very similar colour scheme. You might be able to find the concept art by searching google for “blaster_low08” which seems to be the original asset name of the gun. The concept art also had an interesting extended barrel version which I may make as an add-on later.

As far as the missing scope is concerned, I wanted it to function, and I struggled to find one similar enough (or modifiable enough) to fit with my design. I’m keeping my eye open for a suitable scope so it is possible I’ll go back and add it at some point.

I ended up making two; one for my colleague and one for myself. The below picture is of mine with minor weathering.