I’ve loved music all my life, listening to it and making it.

TextZombie Theme

The TextZombie theme is a musical piece I wrote as a video background that I could use without fear of copyright issues on YouTube. I composed/played everything you hear either on my midi drumkit, midi keyboard or my electric guitar/bass.

Imperial Lift Music

I really liked the imperial lift music Family Guy used in their take on Star Wars, but it’s very short in the animation and it’s low quality. I decided to recreate it myself as a loop so I could use it as a ring tone.

The Colourdrops

My second band, I played bass in this tongue-in-cheek indie band. Unfortunately at this time I’ve no digital music to share.

Eighty Seven

Eighty Seven was a band I played bass guitar in. A very “indie” sound. “Get in the car” was about the best track we recorded.


I played rhythm guitar in TK4. This (in my opinion) was our best track when it all ended.

I also have a couple of tracks on SoundCloud