ChillPanel is a piece of windows software I made for myself to control the Asetek PC WaterChill system pump in my home PC.

This is a 2006 project for hardware that’s not been sold for a very long time and here for archive purposes only.

If you’re looking for Linux software for your asetek pump, click here

I wasn’t satisfied with Aseteks software so decided to write my own. After posting about it on Aseteks support forum, it seems that quite a few people felt the same way, so I’ve uploaded my software for all to use here.

This software was written for my own personal use, and while I have added functions requested by other users it is totally unsupported.

If you wish to comment, request a feature or report a bug, please send me an email to chillpanel at this web site address, or post a message on Aseteks support forums in the thread about the software.

Download version 1.5Latest ChillPanel version with Windows Vista Gadget support. It’s got an installer and everything!
Download ChillBar 1.1Just the gadget on it’s own, though you will need at least version 1.5 of ChillPanel for it to work. Uninstall the old gadget first.
Download the old versionOld version of Chillpanel from 2006 in case I broke anything since then.

Due to my time being very limited to continue development on this project, I’ve decided to release the source under GPL.

23/02/2008 – Peter de Beer has written to me to let me know about his new enhanced version of Chillpanel aimed at increasing the amount of control over your system. If you’re looking for more customisation and control over your systems temperatures, you can find Peters version at (link not longer works)

29/02/2008 – Inspired by Peters tinkerings with ChillPanel and by having a new system and looking at temps every 10 minutes I’ve been tinkering about with Chillpanel. I’ve uploaded version 1.5 which has a bunch of changes in (most of which I can’t remember) and most notably now comes with a Vista Sidebar Gadget to give you Temp and Fan info at a glance. This is my first gadget and also just my first go, so it may get better over time. The great thing about gadgets is they are DHTML and easily editable, so if you don’t like my gadget, feel free to modify it. I’ve left the link up to the old version of ChillPanel, just in case this version breaks anything!

02/03/2008 – Added some new faces for the ChillBar Vista Gadget so you can customise it a little for your desktop. I intend to offer more colours and a selection of needles soon. I’m taking colours requests 🙂

03/03/2008 – Added custom needle colours and some needles for you to choose from.