Software Projects

A collection of the various software or on-line projects I’m working on or completed.

This page has been up a long time, and since I formed my own company, my time for these side projects has become very limited. The pages that are no longer on the internet are struck through.

Projects and Such If you are a fan of festivals, then festival photos is an online photo gallery for your photos from the festival. You can upload your photos and link to them from your web site, or you can browse other peoples photos. There are password protected galleries for those photos that are not for public consumption and registration is free. This is a site I did the graphic design and php programming for. It’s probably the most complicated site I’ve done. For the techies out there. This site returns your internet connections IP address. Useful if you have a problem that you need to diagnose on your internet connection. Another use would be to use it to get the IP of a friend for direct video conferencing, online gaming or remote access. I wrote the site primarily for my own use, but it’s a very handy site. This is my old website. Neglected for years it is now outdated and wildly inaccurate. Rather that try to bring it up to date, I decided to create a whole new site, this one. is still up for simple nostalgic purposes and there is still a photo gallery up there though it is as outdated as the rest of the site. This was the first site I put on the web, and is a mish mash of colours and technologies as I played with various things like frames, javascripts and perl. Currently a half completed project, this site is a gallery of images of the City of Sheffield in the UK. Once the site is finished (if a site truly ever is) it will be possilbe to buy the images as framed photos or in electroinic format for use on your own website or other project. My enthusiasm for this project has severely worn off sadly. I tend to drift from one project to the next though so it might come round again. This is the faction site for The Guardians, a Matrix Online faction with which I was once involved. I’m a Matrix nut, I admit it. I can bore the pants of even the most interested person on the subject. I had such high hopes for this game, and even through the beta everything looked to be going so well. Then the great US/UK divide hit and you found out that you had to stay up till 5am on weekdays if you wanted to be involved in the better events. Then it made no money and Sony bought it. Now it’s just a footnote in MMO history sadly. Even after all this time I still hold out hope that there will be some revival or something but I shan’t hold my breath.Note: Sony finally stopped flogging this dead horse of a game and finally put it out of its misery in August 2009. It was with a heavy heart that I sat logged in on the last night watching it die. RIP MxO. A web site I wrote for an author friend of mine. Chris writes Sci-Fi novels bursting with unforgetable characters. I really enjoyed doing this site for Chris, we have similar ideas about design I feel, either that or he was too polite to say no. I really enjoyed the books too, I’ve read them each many times.
ChillPanel A PC program I’ve written to control the fan on the Asetek watercooler kits. An absoloute pain in the arse to write, but good fun. In order to convert the hex data into meaningful temperature data I had to consult the usenet group sci.math, where the big brains hang out. Based on the advice I got there, made the most complicated Excel spread sheet I’ve ever seen.
Keylightc A program for the Fujitsu-Siemens N560 WM5 PDA that turns the keyboard lights off. Another of those “I want to do this, now how do I do it” projects that had me developing in C for the pocket PC and hacking around inside video drivers and ASIC chip specs. I mostly had no idea what I was doing, but I accidentally wrote the program anyway. You’d be surprised how often that happens actually.
VideoTag A Windows GUI for AtomicParsley for batch tagging TV Shows for importing into iTunes. A fairly simple program to write this, just parsing the output from the AtomicParsley program to make progress bars that was challenging. This was my latest Delphi program and is still under development. This is the project that made me worry about the future of programming in Delphi. I’d avoided .NET for so long but this made me learn C#
ShowNamer Born out of that particular kind of tedium brought on my renaming hundreds of computer files in order that they be recognised by some peice of software or other (I’m looking at YOU streaming media players) ShowNamer is my first big C# project. It allows you to batch rename TV shows stored on your hard drive. The program downloads the show information from thetvdb.comRight now the software is in a personal-use-only state that would probably bring about the worst parts of the bible in the wrong hands, so for the moment I’ve not uploaded it. In the coming weeks when I have time, I’ll polish it a bit and upload it for your batch renaming pleasure.